How to reset your Online Bookings password

July 7, 2021 1:36:16 PM CEST

RSL Mobile app is not configured to enable a password reset, but the Online Bookings portal does.

A guide for how to request and reset your Online Bookings Password is shown below:


Click this link and follow the instructions below:

Resetting Password – Click the ‘Forgotten your password’ link below the login tab

Add your Login ID (which is your membership ID) If not know contact Redbridge Sports & Leisure for your Gladstone Membership ID.  Telephone Number 020 8498 1010.

Click request password once you have added your login ID (Gladstone Membership ID)

You will receive an email in the email account that you used to register this account.  

Please follow the instructions in the email.  If you do not receive the email check your junk and spam folders before contacting your club.

There is a time limit to clicking on the link in this email, therefore, if it does not work please click Request Password again.

Clicking the link in the email will take you to the screen below to change your password.

Make sure you click save when finished.